We are a STHLM based production company who lives for filmmaking.

When we're not doing our own film projects, we offer commercials for TV and social media, post-production, digital effects, motion graphics and 3D.

Let's create magic together.

We are a director duo from two different generations. 

Max Marklund started his career as a digital effects artist, but his passion for directing and storytelling made him take the leap and focus on filmmaking.

Anders Jacobsson is the cinematographer who didn’t just want to look through the viewfinder, but also wanted to tell his own stories. He lives and dies by the motto: ”If we can do it in camera, we will do it in camera.”

It all started 15 years ago when we met on a feature film set. We found each other immediately and realized that our film references were almost identical and that we shared the same passion for filmmaking. We could talk for hours about acting, storytelling, visual effects and our cinematic role models. These conversations would later turn into brainstorming sessions, where we unknowingly began to create ideas, concepts and projects in an extremely creative and playful way. The drive to create something new and different has always been at the heart of us.

The first project that really showed our shared strength as filmmakers was the Tumba Ping Pong Show. That project is really the definition of ”thinking outside the box.” The films had a huge impact, both in public and in the film industry. In short, it went viral. Today, our Tumba Ping Pong Show videos have a total of 18,898,753 views on YouTube.

It all started with knives and a pineapple…

Max Marklund

Creative Director & VFX

Anders Jacobsson

Creative Director & DoP

A few years later we started our production company WAINE.

WAINE has come a long way since its start in 2017. Our main focus is to produce commercials and our own passion-driven drama projects. We are convinced that the two approaches benefit each other. We do not take on just any project – but we want to do projects where we can contribute with our way of thinking and together with the customer do something innovative. 

A selection of our work

Our films

Thank You for Patiently Waiting

Award-winning short film

Our latest short film, Thank You for Patiently Waiting, is a powerful short film about the inevitable ups and downs in life. Its glimpses of dark humor, absurdity, heart and visually
striking photography makes it quite special.

The short film is currently on a festival tour around the world.

The Story of a Girl's Vengeance

Award-winning short film

Story of a Girl’s Vengeance is a dark and gritty story about a girl whose life constantly been a run from her horrible past. She thought everything would get better, but everything just got worse until the day she hit back.

Let us know if you want to know more about us, book a meeting or just have a coffee with us at team@waine.se.

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